Veena Pankaj


Veena is the Director of Innovation Network, an evaluation consulting firm that partners with social sector organizations. She works closely with funders and nonprofits to answer questions around program design, implementation, and impact. Veena offers a learning orientation that draws on a combination of principles from emergent learning and participatory evaluation to engage stakeholders in collaborative engagements designed to promote shared sensemaking, generate insights, and advance collective learning. Her experience ranges across topical areas such as health equity, civic engagement, and social justice. Through her evaluation work, she has developed a keen interest in facilitative processes that enhance stakeholder understanding and use of evaluation data. Veena received her MA in Social Science from the University of Chicago and her BA in Sociology from the University of Virginia. She has also completed a certification in organization development through Georgetown University, is a certified Master Practitioner in Emergent Learning, and is pursing certification in organization and relationship systems coaching.


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