Marilyn Darling, Founding Partner


Marilyn is the co-developer of the principles and tools of Emergent Learning. She conducted in-depth research into the practice of real-time learning by the originators of the After Action Review and published findings in Harvard Business Review and other publications. Marilyn has led projects to improve strategic thinking and real-time learning and facilitated peer learning with a number of social sector clients, including Ford Foundation, Living Cities, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, and Deaconess Foundation, among others. Marilyn is a founding member of the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL).

Heidi Sparkes Guber, Founding Partner


Heidi Sparkes Guber has over 25 years of experience bringing learning-based performance and strategic leadership to a wide variety of private, public and governmental organizations. She has served as program designer, leader and executive coach for numerous senior executives and managers in innovative business and systems change initiatives.  She is currently serving as program facilitator  for the Moonshot Moment in Indian River County, a 5-year all-community breakthrough initiative to achieve 90% literacy in Grade 3 by 2018.  Most recently, she conducted the developmental evaluation for the Capital Innovation team at Living Cities  Heidi also served as a founder and first Chair of the Global Association of SoL Communities (Society for Organizational Learning

Jillaine Smith, Founding Partner


Jillaine brings 25 years experience in nonprofit capacity building, organizational development and leadership coaching. She has facilitated peer learning on such topics as grantmaking “failures,” general operating support and nonprofit capacity building. Jillaine has written and spoken extensively about trends in nonprofit communications, management and capacity building as well as grantmaking practices that support nonprofit effectiveness. She has served on several nonprofit boards.

Jim Stiles, Senior Associate


Jim brings 25 years of organizational learning experience in the social sector to his work with clients at 4QP.  He held a series of executive leadership roles at Harvard University (from finance to academic administration) and subsequently served as an Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.  He has worked with foundations and non-profits in the US and South Africa on strategy, measurement and creating vision driven results. He completed his doctoral training at Harvard applying quantitative methods to how non-profits can better understand the real impact of their efforts in the world.

Ray Gordezky, Senior Associate


Ray designs and facilitates processes that help people get better at achieving the results they want for their most important and intractable issues. He brings over twenty-five years experience in peer learning and supporting multiple stakeholders to collaborate on complex system change initiatives. Ray works in North America and internationally with organizations in the public, social and private sectors. Internationally, Ray is serving as learning strategist for a UN initiative to end school related gender based violence in Africa. In Canada, he designs and facilitates custom learning programs for leaders in health care and community development to support their collaboration efforts.

Deanna Sullivan, Administrator


Deanna has over 20 years experience in supporting the needs of client organizations in human resources and project management, including the administrative and communication needs of Fourth Quadrant Partners.

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