Sonia Caus Gleason


Sonia has over 25 years of experience in collaborative adult learning and measurement efforts focused on equity, innovation, and continuous improvement.  She has worked extensively with non-profits and philanthropy, underserved educational systems, and complex partnerships.  Most recently, Sonia was Director of Strategic Learning and Evaluation at the Nellie Education Foundation, where she applied Emergent Learning principles and practices to deepen the foundation’s commitment to race equity. She advanced the use of data, stories, research, and evaluation as levers for organizational learning and improvement.

Sonia has convened and coached professional learning experiences and communities of practice across the country. A co-founder of Success at the Core, she created an award-winning, online, professional learning initiative to improve school leadership and instruction. Sonia has written extensively on professional learning, education reform, and social justice in a range of publications including Growing into Equity: Professional Learning and Personalization in High Achieving Schools (Corwin), and she co-edited The Learning Professional’s 2018 issue on equity and professional learning. Her Master’s degree studies focused on educational policy and multicultural education.

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