4QP Training in Emergent Learning

4QP launched a year-long certification program in Emergent Learning in 2013. Participants typically have included mid-career independent consultants and internal, organization-based practitioners from a variety of sectors. Because of the intensive and highly participatory nature of the program, which included three in-person sessions, the majority of participants came from North America. Over the course of seven years, the diversity of the very active EL community has grown as graduates reach out to their communities to recommend the program to their colleagues.


In 2020, wanting to draw on what we have learned over these seven years, and wanting to make Emergent Learning available to a broader, even more diverse audience of practitioners both demographically and geographically, 4QP paused the year-long program to experiment with offering the program in different ways. In 2020, 4QP doubled the number of people going through Emergent Learning training, in three very different programs:

  • A Bay Area program for foundation staff — originally intended to include in-person sessions, starting in March 2020, but transformed into a completely virtual program
  • An EL Intensive program designed from scratch to be held virtually in 14 weeks
  • An internal year-long EL Community of Practice at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


In 2021, we anticipate continuing to experiment with different types of offerings to accommodate the needs of our growing community. If you are interested in participating in a program or talking with us about what kind of program you would like to see, please contact us.



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