Graduates of the 4QP Emergent Learning Certification Program®

2013 Cohort:

Tanya Beer, Center for Evaluation Innovation

Jeff Clanon, Systems Perspective LLC

Roberto Cremonini, Cremonini Consulting Network (now GivingData)

Viola Dessanti, Ontario Trillium Foundation

Richard Karash, Systems Perspective LLC

Richard Johnson, Dartmouth University (formerly)

Amy Kenyon, Ford Foundation

Jenn Miller, City of Toronto (formerly); (now) Atkinson Foundation

Jeanette Murry, World Bank

Linda Riefler, Financial Services Professional

Steph Schreckinger, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Marian Urquilla, Strategic Consultant & Coach

Anna Williams, Independent Evaluation Consultant

Dan Wilson, Ontario Trillium Foundation


2015 Cohort:

Kathy Armstrong, Evaluation & Strategic Learning Consultant

Donna R. Ching, Extension Specialist, University of Hawaii

Peter Flanagan-Hyde, Flanagan-Hyde Associates

Ray Gordezky, Threshold Associates

Camille Henderson, Annie E. Casey Foundation (formerly)

Robin Kane, Program Evaluation Consultant

Cheryl McAfee, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Robin McKinney, Maryland CASH

Christopher David Nelson, World Bank

Scott Phillips, Strategic Project Management Consultant

Daniela Pineda, Living Cities

Kelci Price, Colorado Health Foundation

Chad Robertson, Equitas Foundation

Leslie Engle Young, Pencils of Promise

2017 Cohort:

Anzia Bennett, AMB Community Consulting

Athena Bertolini, Ross Strategic

Matthew Carr, Kauffman Foundation

Leslie Connelly, The Learning Alliance

Brooke Finn, NeighborWorks America

Leslie Foster, Mathematica Policy Research

Allison Hagerman, McCune Charitable Foundation

Suzanne Leahy, Episcopal Health Foundation

Noelle Dorward, The Colorado Trust

Parvathi Santhosh, StriveTogether

Diana Scearce, Skoll Global Threats Fund

Dr. Shelle VanEtten de Sanchez, VanSanchez Consulting

Carilee Witta Warner, NeighborWorks America

Susan Weber, Center for Congregations

Devon Winey, Mt. Auburn Associates

Aimee Witteman, The McKnight Foundation

Liz Woody, The Learning Alliance

Joyce Ybarra, Weingart Foundation

2014 Cohort:

Sharon Flanagan-Hyde, Flanagan-Hyde Associates

Anne Gienapp, Independent Evaluation Consultant

Tim Larson, Ross Strategic, LLC

Irene Lee, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Amoretta Morris, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Natalie Portman-Marsh, Spark Policy Institute

Vicky Schubert, Systems Perspective, LLC

Anne Starr, Systems Perspectives LLC

Connie Stewart, CA Center for Rural Policy

James Stiles, Executive Coach & Organizational Consultant

Janet Topolsky, Aspen Institute

Cynthia Way, Way to Go Consulting

Vera Wilhelm, World Bank


2016 Cohort:

Marisa Allen, Kaiser Permanente

Nora Bateman, McKnight Foundation

Michael Dougherty, Pencils of Promise

Nancy Farries, YMCA Calgary

Lori Fuller, Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

Robin Hacke, The Kresge Foundation

Barbara Hammond, The Learning Alliance

Lauren Kelly, World Bank

Samuel Moody, Lincoln Institute

Rebecca Nevedale, FrameShift Group

Carly Rospert, StriveTogether

Sandra Wegmann, Episcopal Health Foundation

Chera Reid, The Kresge Foundation

James Stake, Simon Charitable Foundation

Peggy Stemmler, FrameShift Group


2018 Cohort

(scheduled to graduate in January/February 2019):

Andrea Anderson, North Star Planning & Evaluation Consultants

Kat Athanasiades, Center for Evaluation Innovation

Meredith Blair Pearlman, Packard Foundation

Rick Brush, Wellville & Collective Health

Sonia Caus Gleason, Nellie Mae Education Foundation

Yen Chau, Colorado Health Foundation

Abbey Cofsky, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Ellie Coplin, St. David's Foundation

Tracy Costigan, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Colleen Dawicki, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Olivia Deich, David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Jesse Eaves, Humanity United

Tina Eshaghpour, The California Wellness Foundation

Manuel Fierro, First 5 LA

Rex Fyles, Gender at Work

Carla Ganiel, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Felisa Gonzales, The Colorado Trust

Katie Grace Deane, Center for Community Investment

Cissie Lam, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Lindsay Louie, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Christy Metzler, NeighborWorks America

Eric Muschler, The McKnight Foundation

Melanie Nowacki, Feeding America

Vickie Oldman-John, Seven Sisters Community Development Group, LLC

Julia Olmstead, McKnight Foundation

Adrian Pedroza, Partnership for Community Action

Roy Steiner, Omidyar Network

Nick Stuber, Colorado Health Foundation

Gabrielle Uballez, Working Classroom

Tera Wick, The Colorado Trust

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